Prasanna means 'One who is overflowing with joy'


The lessons


My name’s Pip Ridley and the yoga I teach is Hatha yoga with some Raja yoga elements.


Each lesson includes:


- a beginning and end relaxation

- breathing exercises (pranayama)

- physical postures (asanas)

- meditation


The asanas are held for a medium amount of time. This allows you to relax into the posture, deepening the asana whilst maintaining proper alignment and breathing. Some vinyasa sequences (sequences of movements linked to the breath) also feature in the class. The lessons are given in English, but a Dutch explanation is always possible.



My Yoga journey


Yoga has been an important part of my life since 1999 when my Mother, who had just started going to a class, introduced me to it. I started attending a weekly class and, after experiencing the deep relaxation and increased energy, it became an essential part of my week. My shallow breathing pattern deepened as I learned how to draw a complete breath and to use the breath to relax body and mind. I also learned to become more aware of my body, creating a deeper connection with myself and becoming more integrated as a person. I attended regular yoga classes throughout my twenties, knowing that one day I’d like to teach others this wonderful practice.


In 2011 I completed a foundation year of Yoga teacher training in Raja Yoga with Susanna Willis, Raja Yoga Rotterdam www.rajayogarotterdam.nl. In the classes with Susanna I experienced meditation for the first time and learned about the philosophy of yoga. It was the beginning of a slow and sure journey towards peace and an unending sense of joy, like the opening of a lotus flower.


Then in 2015 I completed a 200hr teacher-training course in India to become a fully qualified yoga teacher with the Himalayan Yoga Institute www.himalayanyogainstitute.com. This excellent course trained me in the Rajadhiraja tradition of Hatha yoga, under the beautiful gaze of the Himalayan mountains.





“Your lessons have finally taught me how to breathe properly during running. I always had the feeling of running out of breath and was always told to focus on my breathing but only now do I realise what that actually means and my running has improved so much! So thank you from the bottom of my diaphragm and looking forward to many more lessons.”


Natasha Michaelides
















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